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Coastal Kids

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PRE-K – 5TH GRADE: 10:30 AM

We believe that discipleship starts in the home and that it is our job to equip parents, engage children with God’s word, and to see families reach their neighbors. We provide environments and events to help families go, teach the gospel, and make disciples in their homes and in their neighborhoods.

We believe, as the Bible teaches, that God has placed each of you as the primary disciplers of your children. Our role is to come alongside you and, ideally, echo you as you teach your kids the gospel in the home. Each week, your children will bring home important items. One will be an activity page. This page is completed during the session, but besides admiring what your children have done on them, there is an extremely important reason you want this in your hands each week. There is content on them just for you—recap information of the session and family discussion starter and activity ideas. This can be a great help for you during your drive home from worship and also as you have weekly family devotions.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity you have to use the resources being sent home! Ask your child to tell you about the Bible story and what that story teaches us about Christ.

Scott Dishong

Family Pastor