On average, American families spend $1,000 each Christmas on their holiday celebrations… what if that money was designated for furthering the gospel? God has given us the honor of creating and revitalizing gospel outposts in our area; and we want to be able to say yes to more of the opportunities that God has trusted us to steward.

This Christmas, the mission we are choosing to support is the mission that God has put in front of Coastal Church – to develop authentic followers of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 as a Christmas Offering through each family giving $1,000 to either to the Building Fund or the Coastal Fund (the Endowment). 

Of course, we know that equal giving is not equal sacrifice, and we ask each family to prayerfully consider what God has put on their hearts to offer this Christmas season. 

Thank you for helping us support the building and revitalization of gospel outposts – we hope this will be the beginning of a multi-generational legacy to make authentic followers of Jesus and spread God’s glory and honor to our area.

Building Fund

By making an offering to the Building Fund, you are helping support the development of future building projects for new campuses. All gifts made to the Building Fund for the rest of 2022 will go directly to the Gloucester Building Project. Thank you for helping us fund future campuses to grow God’s Kingdom!


By making an offering to the Coastal Fund (a.k.a. The Coastal Endowment) you are supporting the development of future followers of Jesus Christ. We hope the endowment will give us the ability to say “yes” to more Kingdom opportunities that God puts in front of us.
If you are interested in giving a non-monetary offering, please use the button below to schedule an appointment with our Finance Office.