One mission

Coastal’s One Mission Campaign is to reach those lost in the Gloucester community for Christ.

The mission

Our mission is to build an effective tool to develop authentic followers of Jesus Christ in Gloucester. We’re asking everyone to prayerfully consider how God may want you or your family to participate.

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This is the third project like this that we have done in the last decade. We will make sure that each entity will allow us to put the building on the property we have found.

We are looking to build 13,000 to 16,000 square feet:  300 seat auditorium, childcare space, and some offices with some unfinished space to expand.   Rooms will be multi-use and will look similar to our other Coastal campuses.

The campus is now self-supporting, and we can take the rent to put into something we own.  Our lease is ending, so we need to decide what to do.  

Our trend is that we typically grow by more than 40% in the first year and 30% in the second year.   In a few years, this campus could be running about 300 or more a week.

We currently have $6600 per month in our current cash flow that can be put toward a monthly mortgage payment.  We have saved some money from the gifting of Ebeneezer Baptist Church, and we have saved some money in our missions and general budgets in 2019 that we can put to a down payment.  We have a CD that the bank is releasing to us to use for this project. 

We have been making additional principal payments on our Yorktown building, and we have budgeted to continue to do this.  We intend to do the same at the Gloucester Campus, and our goal is to be debt-free by 2030.

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