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Please bookmark this page as we will post all documents and information relevant to you here. This is a private page that we only want small group leadership using so please do not advertise this page or post it on social media. As a small group leader, we are interested in soul care. This web page is a tool to equip you to shepherd your small group faithfully. Below are the small group documents for two weeks. It is broken out by campus.

Small Group Training

Session 1

In this video we discuss some announcements of things going on in Coastal small groups. Then we discussed the concept of how you and your small group can partner together to connect others to God and to corporate worship.

Session 2

In video two we look at how we can walk someone new to church through a pathway to gain a better understanding of God and the Gospel. Just a reminder small group leaders the best starting point here at Coastal is for new attendees to join us for “We Are Coastal”. We Are Coastal is a great resource to help them navigate their next steps. Though we did not discuss this in detail we encourage you to invite all new attendees to We Are Coastal.

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