Small group
Leaders training

Welcome to Coastal’s New Small Group Leader Training online. We are grateful for your willingness to
step into this vital role of discipleship at Coastal Community Church.


In the videos below, you will find some material about the authority that is yours as you serve in this capacity…and it doesn’t primarily come from Coastal. You will also have an opportunity to grow in your commitment to Coastal’s small group philosophy. We don’t just meet for social reasons, but for very important discipleship and service reasons. Lastly, you will get some important information on the resources we offer to you as a small group leader. We promise that we will not leave you hanging, but will offer you many ways to hone your skills and to minister effectively to your small group members.

You need to watch all three of the videos in their entirety. Feel free to do that in one sitting or one at a time. Your small group coach will meet with you when you have completed the videos to review and prepare you with your next steps. This is an exciting opportunity for you to be an integral part of Coastal’s discipleship and leadership development process.

Session I : Authority of Christ

Speaker: Pastor Joey Tomlinson
Details: In this introductory video, Pastor Joey works through resources the Lord has given you to minister in His authority as a small group leader at Coastal Community Church.

Session II: Value of Small Groups

Speaker: Pastor David WIlson Details: In this second video, Pastor David discusses 5 areas that make small groups effective and that form the foundation for our commitment to small group ministry at Coastal Community Church.

Session III: Resources

Speaker: Pastor Joey Tomlinson Details: In this final video, Pastor Joey gives a list of all the resources Coastal provides to small group leaders as they commit to shepherding people at Coastal Community Church.